ecurity and social progress; and t

o improve the scientific and cultural levels of the Chinese pe

and creativity, working to promote rapid development of the space industry.-▓ Coordinated development. China rationally allocates var▓ious resources, encourages and guides social forces to take an orderly part in s▓pace development. All space activities are coordinated under an overall plan of the state to promo

d interests,

and build up its overall strength

te the comprehensive development of space science, space technology and space applications, and to improve the quality and e

.2. VisionTo build

China into a space power in al▓l res

fficiency of ove▓rall space development.- Peaceful development. China always adheres to the principle of the use of outer space for p

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to the principles of innovative, c

oordinated, peaceful▓ and open development.- Innovative develop
hens scientific exploration and technological innovation, deepens institutional reforms, and stimulates innovation
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